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OHC Guide offers the best insurances policies suitable for international students and visitors from various trusted providers.


Offers Best Policies from our Trusted Insurance Providers

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How will OHC Guide help you?

A Simple & Fast Way to get the Best OSHC Insurance for your international students.



Remove the hassle to visit health providers’ websites. You can search, buy and manage your health insurance in 1 place.


Search health insurance in seconds, compare the best policy that suits you and get yourself covered in less than 5 mins.

Get Insured

We have partnered with most of the recognized insurance providers that has the best reputation in the industry. You will always find us around the corner in the website or your portal.

Earn Commission


Enjoy high commission rates by registering as a OHCGuide Agent. Come be a part of the change.

We Empower You To Be Better

A simple & fast way to get the best health insurance.


Excellent Commission Rates

Earn higher commissions on every sale.


Power to Choose From Multiple Providers

We provide you with multiple policy options from various providers offering many benefits.


Single Platform to Track Policies

Track all your policies from our platform by their current status.


Best Insurance Deals from Providers

Provide your clients with the best suitable insurance policy.


Track Commissions

Track all the commission transactions from the wallet summary.

30 Days Commission & Refund Guarantee

You can apply for refund and commission claim directly from the portal.

Here's what OHC Guide Offers You

White Labeling

Send personalized quotes with your own branding to your clients and spread your brand awareness.

Generate Instant Quotation

Access and compare varieties of health insurances from different providers in 1 single platform.

Power to Choose

Agents can freely compare the policies as per client requirement and purchase it.

AI Powered

Implementing AI technologies in various part of our platform that enables hyper growth.

Easy Payments

Easy process through credit card, bank transfer or in-bank payments, where the OHC guide has already connected with various local banks.

Sales Machine

Agents can integrate insurance compare and purchase system within their website.

Globally Scalable

Scalable platform backed by advanced cloud architecture with expandable insurance categories.

Robotic Processing

Our manual process has been automated with a robotic process so that our customers can get insured within minutes.

Data Security and Privacy

Data you enter in the system gets directly uploaded to the most secure cloud database, AWS server itself.

Insurance Agents Just Like You

Thousands of people around the world have already purchased their health insurance with us.


Become an Agent in few easy steps

Get access to a dedicated portal to compare, purchase and track all insurance services within the system.

Submit your agent application with valid information; as a Business or Individual.

Once submitted our team will verify it and send you a confirmation email.

Congratulations, your partner application has been approved.

Insights from our Blogs


Top 10 Trends That Will Shape the OSHC Insurance Industry in 2023

The OSHC insurance industry is evolving in 2023 to prioritize mental health coverage, embrace digital transformation, and offer customized plans for international students. Telehealth services and enhanced customer experiences will become more prevalent, along with sustainable initiatives. Data analytics and partnerships will drive better healthcare solutions, while expanded coverage options and improved risk management strategies cater to diverse needs. OHC Guide is a reliable resource, providing comprehensive OSHC insurance solutions for students to navigate the changing landscape with confidence.


How to Be a Successful OSHC Insurance Agent with OHCGuide in 2023

Discover the key strategies to become a successful OSHC insurance agent with OHC Guide in 2023. Embrace advanced features like AI-powered comparison tools, stay informed with industry trends, and leverage an extensive network of reputable providers. Provide personalized and transparent service, while capitalizing on OHC Guide support and training. Join OHC Guide now to excel in the ever-evolving insurance landscape and exceed client expectations. Be part of the change in the OSHC insurance industry.


OHCGuide: The Ultimate Platform for OSHC Agents

OHCGuide is the ultimate platform for OSHC agents, offering a user-friendly portal with advanced AI-powered features. With an extensive network of insurance providers and transparent policies, agents can efficiently manage orders and access instant policy quotations. The platform's comprehensive support and benefits, including fast commission sharing, empower agents to excel in the OSHC insurance industry, providing the best insurance solutions to students worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have concerns that need attention?
Let us take care of your queries regarding all the confusions!

OSHC stands for Overseas Student Health Cover. It is a compulsory health insurance product required by the Australian Government for international students studying in Australia. OSHC provides cover for the cost of medical and hospital care, including ambulance services and limited pharmaceuticals.

With your own dedicated agent portal we guide you to match the best policy for your client with an attractive commission on every policy.

No, OHC Guide doesn’t take any charges from the agents. All you have to do is SIGN UP and you are ready to use the services.

By accessing your OHC Guide account, you will discover comprehensive information about your commissions, including payable amounts, outstanding balances, refunded sums, and the total transaction sum, conveniently displayed on the main page.

Yes, the agents can directly apply for the amendment through the portal and get back the amended certificates within few minutes.

50+ Education Consultancies have already joined OHC Guide and started getting better deals.

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